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med tech news - Report reveals new possibilities in neurostimulation devices

Report reveals new possibilities in neurostimulation devices

New generation neurostimulation devices will provide a transformation in treatment options, says product design and development company Cambridge Consultants in its latest report.... More

med tech news - Finding money for innovation

Finding money for innovation

Success in obtaining grant funding is about applying to the right fund at the right time. TBAT Innovation’s Director Matt Symonds advises how to scope out an appropriate project and write the funding application.... More

med tech news - Lucideon extends its wear testing capabilities

Lucideon extends its wear testing capabilities

The company’s new service offering and new hire strengthens its position in the orthopaedics industry.... More

med tech news - New service launched for the life science industry

New service launched for the life science industry

The Marketing Doctor at Medilink East Midlands is a free service for companies looking to grow in the life sciences sector... More

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MTI Expo 2014 Day 2 closing

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Med-Tech Upcoming Events

18 Sep 14

Biological & Biomimetic Materials for Medical Devices & Health Technologies - Biological and biomimetic materials offer unusual properties that underpin their use in medical (including musculoskeletal) applications. This workshop will explore both recent scientific progress and the regulatory environment, ultimately contributing to a strategy to further exploit the opportunities offered by these exciting materials. ... Find out more

22 Sep 14

X-Ray Processing Webinar - Irradiation Technology has been utilised by various markets for many years, X-Ray is the newest edition to the irradiation family This course will provide a valuable overview of the technology as well as an enhanced understanding of the processes and the markets served. ... Find out more

24 Sep 14

REGULATORY ACCESS TO THE US - The USA is the world’s largest Med-Tech market, but its medical device industry is highly regulated and reputed to be difficult to access. While regulations are similar to what you might be used to in Europe there are some important differences with both bureaucracy and challenging regulations. This event will address... ... Find out more

30 Sep 14 to 02 Oct 14

Interplas - the UK's leading plastics industry event - the only event to cover all of the manufacturing processes, technologies and services essential to the plastics sector. ... Find out more

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What choices are available when designing a casework for a 
Point of Care diagnostic device?

First of all, let’s put aside considerations of style, aesthetics and company branding and focus on technical requirements.

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