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med tech news - Queen's Award winner - again

Queen's Award winner - again

Elekta has received The Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade for the third consecutive year.... More

med tech news - Nanomechanical sensors detect cancer from breath

Nanomechanical sensors detect cancer from breath

An array of functionalised membrane-type surface stress sensors distinguishes through a response to breath samples.... More

med tech news - Small bore connector, a luer alternative

Small bore connector, a luer alternative

Qosina offers the SRC small bore connector from Colder Products, which eliminates the potential for misconnection with luer fittings. ... More

med tech news - SBRI Healthcare Awards go to 44 companies

SBRI Healthcare Awards go to 44 companies

Funding of £12.7 million goes to 44 companies in the UK Government backed programme, the largest number of companies to date.... More

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MTI EXPO 2014 day 2 so far

... More

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PDM (Plastics Design & Moulding) 2014 - PDM is the leading event for the design and moulding sectors of the plastics industry ... Find out more

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Ask eg. In light of the current FDA emphasis on human factors, how should we build this into the initial product design phase?

The practice of designing for human factors has always been part of any successful productís development, as it is essentially the process of designing equipment that fits the human body (ergonomics) and its cognitive abilities (usability).

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