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Product Evolution


Neil Cant of Xograph Technologies describes re-designing the bougie used in esophageal dilatation, the design of which had not changed since its introduction approximately five decades ago. What other devices are out there waiting to be improved?... read more >

Designing for the Developing World


Ryan Chessar of 42 Technology outlines ten critical considerations to take into account to ensure you design an appropriate product for the vast market of the developing world.... read more >

Battery Design: The Key to Improving Wearable Medical Devices


Neil Oliver at Accutronics outlines the issues involved in achieving optimum battery design for medical devices, particularly wearable and implantable devices.... read more >

Tackling Interoperability within dallas


Nigel Dallard of Advanced Digital Institute reports on the work of the dallas programme, which is focused on delivering assisted living lifestyles 
at scale, and sets out some of its objectives for the future.... read more >

Practical Tools to Aid Innovation


Declan Bogan and Barry Winkless of Katawave discuss how you can 
increase your innovation effort by using some practical tools that stretch 
your perspectives and options.... read more >

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