Clada Medical licenses Limerick's technology


Novel technology for use in angioplasty invented by researchers at the University of Limerick (UL) has been licensed to Galway-based medical device company Clada Medical.


The device will improve success rates of angioplasty procedures. It is estimated that more than 1 million angioplasty procedures are undertaken worldwide each year and the value of products relating to this procedure is in the region of €500 million.


During angioplasty, particles of the fatty deposits can become dislodged and enter the blood stream, which can block other arteries resulting in strokes or heart attacks. Embolic protection devices are often used to capture and remove the dislodged fatty deposits.

 The UL device combines angioplasty balloon and embolic protection technologies allowing for continuous blood flow during the procedure.

Irish-owned Clada Medical provides medical device design, research and development, testing and OEM manufacturing services from its Class 8 clean-room facilities in Galway. The company has particular expertise in balloon mould manufacturing and custom balloon/catheter design.


Ray Blowick, the company’s CEO, said, "The application of the UL invention to perfusion balloon technology is very important for the future of our company. Our commercial strategy includes growing our company through the development and licensing of new technologies, which will lead to new jobs and increased exports in this important sector for Irish industry.”



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