Novel visual field analyser for children


i2eye Diagnostics is commercialising what it says is the world’s first visual field analyser for young children, invented at the University of Edinburgh. The instrument uses the child’s natural reactions to movement and light to objectively map their visual fields.


One of the first applications for the instrument is to improve the outcome for children with brain tumours by helping to optimise the design and monitoring of treatment plans. Because this visual field analyser that does not require the patient’s considered input, it will also benefit pre-term babies, the frail elderly, stroke victims and head injury patients.


The device has already been successfully tested in the clinic and interest has been received from medical centres in the UK, the Middle East and North America. Chief Executive Officer Peter Estibeiro said, "We are delighted with the response from the market. Our instrument will be available in the US and Europe from the middle of this year and we are already placing units for evaluation at some of the world’s leading paediatric centres. This is an excellent opportunity for Edinburgh and Scotland to deliver a genuine health benefit to young children and other patient groups around the world.”

The i2eye device is launched by the Edinburgh Bioquarter, an organisation set up to make the most of medical research.


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