Technology improves humidity protection of medical devices


Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging, a member of the Clariant Group, offers a solution to meet growing demands from medical diagnostics and device customers for improved protection against excess humidity.


Süd-Chemie’s antidusting Advanced Desiccant Polymer (ADP) delivers important adsorbent capabilities that are integrated directly into thermoplastics used in packaging or the device itself. The benefits of this technology include protection throughout the shelf life of the diagnostic or device, a wide choice of materials and processing methods, and the ability to customise adsorption kinetics to create an optimal end product.


According to Robert Crossno, North America Sales Manager for Healthcare Packaging, "Whether they are manufacturers of in vitro diagnostics or combination products, customers are looking for versatile ways to address the perennial problem of humidity control. Our Advanced Desiccant Polymer not only provides excellent protection, but also eliminates the need for separate desiccants, thanks to seamless integration with thermoplastics. This technology can help customers succeed by differentiating their products through maximised shelf life and higher accuracy, which can also reduce the chance of costly recalls.”

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