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Enter the smart stethoscope


Scientists from the University of Southampton have helped develop a smart stethoscope to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment of kidney stones.... read more >

Galway delivers a longer lifespan


A new type of orthopaedic implant developed at NUI Galway could improve the lifespan of hip and knee replacements.... read more >

New scaffold for cornea repair


Engineers at the University of Sheffield have developed a technique for delivering stem cell therapy to the eye.... read more >

Self-learning prosthesis


Researchers at Bournemouth University are collaborating with prosthetics and orthotics supplier, Chas A Blatchford & Sons, to 
create a lower-limb prosthesis that can adjust to fit the changing shape of the residual limb.   The researchers have incorporated wireless technology into a self-learning system that will measure interactions between socket and the residual limb during
prosthetic fitting and wear. This should allow the prosthesis to be fitted correctly the first time., source:        ... read more >

Limerick builds catheter safety device


Researchers at the University of Limerick have been awarded more than 300k to commercialise a safety device for transurethral catheter deployment. ... read more >

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